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Welcome To Crimson Hands
Hi and welcome to Crimson Hands. This Guild is a fun run around smashmouth guild. We love to group and yet go off solo and do our own things. As part of Crimson Hands we ask that you be kind to one another and bring no Drama. The Guild leaders are Flagged for the HoT zones as well as have extension knowledge about the VoA zones, task and missions. We as Crimson Hands don't have a set lvl or class for the Guild, we feel is however you want to play when you want to play. We like grouping and helping the guild gear up as a whole. So if this sounds like your kinda place please, JOIN US
Guild News

Absense once again...

Frizky, Dec 2, 12 3:19 AM.
Well, First off ... let me say sorry for not being on the game much.. But real life has taken presidence, once again.. For those of you that have been in groups with me or we have talked about family .. has at the very least heard me talk about Buzz   On Oct 21st 2012 his mom and dad took him into the ER expecting they were going to be told he has the flu or an inner ear infection.. some blood work was done and as they sat waiting on the results, doctors came in and just simply told them they needed to go to another hospital.. That the one they were at wasn't going to be able to attend to lil buzz.. So Buzz and his mom arrived at the other hospital via ambulance with dad following.. only to get there and within an hour be told .. your son has Leukemia.. It was devastating to us all.. and we've all had a lot to deal with..  We were all expecting a complete remission on Buzz (John) on Nov 20th...By remission with cancer patients what is meant by that is no cancer cells are detectable normally after the first month of treatment but still depending on their gender go on to continue with chemo for 2.5 to 3.5 yrs... but again that's not what we got. .. his marrow came back negative this time.. but his blast cell  (MRD) came back positive .. so he is on another month of intense Chemo..and classified as high risk..  I will post pics of his lil plight up until now.. in the photo section of this website..


Frizky, May 25, 12 5:26 AM.
My grandmother died on Thursday as soon as they took her off life support... she was doing good, so they decided to remove it and when they did she went ... they had a DNR in place so they took no action... then the night of the viewing.. her sister went up to the casket and was very upset, went to go back to sit down .. got to the second pew and collapsed herself... dying 3 hrs later... May sucks!  R.I.P Grandma!  

Not being on much this last month and a half

Frizky, May 15, 12 4:15 AM.
Sorry for not being around much..been busy with real life stuff, had a family member that was... well.. umm let's just say his lower extremity was disconnected (medically) and he was in the hospital for an entire month, needless to say i was doing a lot of babysitting ( buzz you lil poop)  another went into the service.. Army  =(((( ( sad because it scares me moreso than anything...lots and lots of tears over that one )  just recently as the family member was getting out of the hospital got a phone call that gma is on life support.. sooo.. that's the deal for now.. 
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